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    Scrollable datatable and Auto scrolling on table rerender


      I have a requirement where in i am trying to simulate an expandable data table inside a scrollable data table.

      I have the following structure

      Row 1
      [+] Row 2

      ..... until

      [-] Row 100
      Row 101

      When i try to expand row 100 the table rerenders but the scroll bar remains goes back to Row 1. Is there a way to be able to scroll down to the row i am trying to expand and collapse?

      -- Arun

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          yes. rerender not keeps the scroll position. see issues in jira marked with scrollable-dataTAble component.. There are some issues on such state saving improvements. Vote for them.

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            sorry.. simple reRender of the table with scrollbar fixed.. So I could see that scroll position not lost anymore at 3.3.2-SNAPSHOT. Could you please check?

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              And b.t.w. if the data is changed (actually rows count changed) we do not know where the scroll should be after update so it resets.

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                ARUN PRAKASH GANESAN Newbie

                You are a 100% Right. The scroll position bug is fixed in 3.3.1 GA. So nothing to worry about.

                The scroll position remains in the same place if the data changes in the table. So i am not sure why you state the opposite.

                Here is another bug i found. I am not sure if it has something to do wit the data table or the a4j:commandlink


                <a4j:jsFunction id="expandCollapseColumn" name="expandCollapseColumn" action="#{familyController.expandAndCollapse}" reRender="dynaColumn,expandCollapse,rowValue">

                <a4j:actionparam name="selectedRowId" assignTo="#{familyController.view.selectedRowId}"/>

                <a4j:actionparam name="selectedRowValue" assignTo="#{familyController.view.selectedRowValue}"/>

                <rich:scrollableDataTable frozenColCount="#{familyController.view.frozenColCount}"
                height="500px" width="1200px" id="grid" rows="40"
                value="#{familyController.view.rows}" var="row"
                headerClass ="richDataTableHeaderFont"

                <rich:columns value="#{familyController.view.columns}" var="column"
                index="ind" id="dynaColumn">

                <f:facet name="header" >
                <h:outputText value="#{column.name}"

                <a4j:commandLink id="expandCollapse" value="#{!row[ind].ref.expanded?'[ + ]':' [ - ]'}" onclick="expandCollapseColumn(#{rowKey},#{ind})" rendered="row[ind].ref.expandable"/>

                <h:outputText id="rowValue" value="#{row[ind].value}" />


                In the above code the 2 things to notice are

                1. Scrollable data table rerenders the a4j:commandLink everytime the command link is clicked.

                2. When this happens, the a4j:commandLink rerenders but it does not check the "rendered=" condition.

                This might be a bug

                You can run the above using the following code i am attaching below.

                If the jboss user forum provides a way to attach files from my prototype i will be more than happy to attach them.