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    bringing WCM capabilities to GateIn portal?

    Sada velayutham Newbie



      We have been evaluating different content management systems and portal applications for one of our clients. As we stand now, the decision is to go with Alfresco and Jboss Portal.


      When we went through some of the features provided by Alfresco WCM  out-of-the-box, we started to wonder if we would be able to achieve the same features with the Jboss portal application. There is no doubt that Portal applications provide flexibility and rich user interfaces, and in fact those are the reasons why we chose Jboss Portal in the first place.


      In case of our application, the business users should be allowed to log into the Jboss portal and perform the in-context editing. We are planning to build some portlets that will allow the users to add/modify the content in the alfresco repository( like image library for example). Behind the screens, our CMIS integration layer will take care of the content management between Jboss portal and Alfresco.


      Now the problems or questions that we are facing are,


      1. Can the business user perform everything that the Alfresco Web Editor (AWE) offers in the Jboss portal in terms of the in-context editing. (like text manipulation, stylings, image modification, layout change, etc etc)

      2. If we have to bring in the AWE (or something similar) to the Jboss portal as a portlet, what are the options?

      3. How do the companies that use Jboss portal with alfresco WCM manage to bring the WCM features such as staging and preview to the portlet?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.