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    large messages in core bridge stay in 'delivering' although delivered

    Carsten Lenz Newbie



      we have a simple setup with two hornetq servers in separate JBoss AS where messages from server A are bridged to a queue in server B via a core bridge.


      When small messages are sent everything is ok, but large messages seem to 'hang' in delivering (the DeliveringCount JMX property is incremented and never goes down) although they are delivered correctly and consumed on server B. When restarting server A all messages which stayed in 'delivering' are resend and get thrown away on B because of duplicate message detection. As said, these message are large (in our production case from 5-30MB) and cause a lot of (unnecessary) traffic (connection between servers is WAN).


      I tried the core bridge example and simply changed the first message to be sent into a TextMessage and set a large String as text, around 9 MB in my case. This shows exactly the same behaviour! (No configs changed)


      Is there anything we can do about this? I consider replacing the core bridge with a JMS bridge and accepting the poorer performance but I would rather stay with the core bridge.


      We use HornetQ 2.1.2 (tried also with 2.1.1).


      thank you for your excellent product !