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    Need help in oncollapse of simpletogglepanel..

    vimal chandran Newbie

      hi all,


           I need to enabe visibility of <rich:panel> when am collapsing <rich:simpletogglepanel>

      As per my application, when the page is loading rich:panel should be in visible state and simpletogglepanel in collapsed state..



      if am clicking the togglepanel it ll expand but at the same time rich:panel should go to hidden state.. for this i tried a code..




      {display: true}





      < rich:simpleTogglePanel switchType="client"  label="Allegemein" onexpand="{rich:element('metaData').hide();}">




      rich:panel id="metaData" styleClass="hideOnLoad"




      but using above code when am expanding it wont hide the panel..

      kindly spot my error(s)....


      thanks in advance,