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    Bean managed or Container managed entities use third party ORM tools???

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      While I am reading stuff on EJB3.0 it says JPA is an specification not implementation(while some times I find stuff which says it actually provides librarry for ORM and we can do the same task of ORM mapping done with Hibernate). Most of the time I see toplink or hibernate being used in persistence.xml file.


      I am using JBOSS application server 6.


      1-The question is can we use container managed persistence CMP or bean managed persistence  BMP entities without third part ORM tools to persist data to a relational DBMS???

      2-If the answer to above question is yes in case of CMP, then why it is necessary for BMP to use third party ORM tools?

      3- Can you send a link to any example code which does not use any third party ORM tool is not used.