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    a4j:loadStyle and a4j:loadScript in RichFaces 4M5 are not aviable

    Marcos Simón Newbie



      In my learning process about Rich Faces 4, I still find some problems that I don't know how to solve or avoid.

      Now, I would like to know how I can load css files. I have searched in RF 3.3.3, and exist loadStyle and loadScript, but not in 4 M5.  This funcionality has been reject? And how can I solve this situation?


      I also want to ask (it is related with the firs issue), how can I change a property in a component, but only this component. I will explain with an example:


      When I use <rich:menuItem> are loaded some style properties defined in dropdownmenu.ecss file, and if I want to modify it, I have to rewrite style class named as rf-ddl-... into my own css (or ecss) file, to change the look and feel from it.

      My question is if I want to change one <rich:menuItem> but not the next, how can i do it?  If I change the style class are changed both?

      And other option that I try to use is create my own style class, that group others style class(see example below), but it don't work.


      .rf-ddm-lst .myClass{





      .myClass .rf-ddm-lst {





      .myClass {

           .rf-ddm-lst {




      And it should be called as <rich:menuItem styleClass="myClass" >



      Thanks in advance,




      P.D.: I am very grateful with this forum for theirs fast and correct questions, I have never seen other forum like this.  For everybody that answers the questions my sicerely congratulation.