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    On documentation updates and publications

    Juan Camilo Prada Newbie

      So, I was talking to Ilya Shaikovsky and balunasj over irc about the current state of documentation for 4.0. I would like to help on getting the docs ready, hopefully with detailed how-to's on the usage of each component. I though a good starting point is current documentation, which need an update due to changes in latest milestone release. I dont know who is leading the documentation process but i would like to get in touch with her/him to discuss ways I can help.


      So far I was thinking in writing weekly articles that explain one or two components (deppending on the component itself) and using them as some sort of marketing. Something like the weekly tutorial to get ready for RF 4.0. Of course the how-to could be included in the final documentation with minimal tweaks so it fits the writing style of the docs (or they could be written from start in that style) so there are no duplicates efforts.


      As I said before, Im willing to help and this is just an idea, please share your thougths