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    Jboss ESB - call to remote Service hangs

    jbossinterestcn Newbie



      I have the following setup:


      machine 1:


      JBOSS ESB server 4.7 (JDK 1.5) -> service1



      machine 2:


      JBOSS App server 5.1 GA (for JDK 1.6) + ESB server 4.7 -> service2


      Both ESBs share the same registry database (SQL server) ie. juddi-ds.xml on both ESBs point to the same database.


      From service 2, I am trying to invoke service 1 using ServiceInvoker.deliverAsync


      The call seems to hang infinitely.


      Any insight on what is causing this is appreciated.



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          Keith Babo Master

          Do you have some log data around the hang that you can share?  Relevant pieces of jboss-esb.xml and a snip of your action implementation with the call to ServiceInvoker.deliverAsync would help.  Are you able to invoke other services using ServiceInvoker (i.e. is the invoker call simply hanging while trying to connect to jUDDI)?