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    onclick event bubble in rich:calendar

    Rob Pawluk Newbie



      I am using ExtendedDataTable with a context menu that is activated with onRowClick.  I have been able to suppress the context menu when users click on all widgets in my table (e.g. buttons, links, etc) except for about half of the calendar.


      My code that stops the event propagation:


      jQuery(document).ready(function() {

        jQuery("a, input, select, button, img, *[class*='rich-calendar'], *[class*='rich-calendar'] *").click(function(event) {





      as you can see, I am trying to suppress the onclick event propagation in anything associated with the calendar.  This works fine for clicking on all of the calendar except for the panel where the user can select month and year (as shown below).


      Quick month and year selection


      anyone know how I can stop my context menu from popping up (without resorting to a right click) when clicking on this?