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    screen flicker when applying skins

    Andrea Hofmann Newbie


      I'm using JSF templates and navigation rules for navigating through my RF application. The application layout is divided into header, menu and content areas. Unfortunately, the screen flickers when navigating from one page to another page. It seems that the RF skins have to be loaded again and the facelets sheets have to be reloaded also.

      To avoid the screen flicker I tried to put the navigation logic into jsFunctions with rerendering the content area. The result is no screen flicker anymore. But at one point I have to use navigating inside a the content area because of a special backing bean method. Therefore, I use navigation rules again. Hence, these navigation rules conflicts with the jsFunction because the content area is not rerendered anymore using the jsFunction.

      How can I avoid the screen flicker?

      Or how can I avoid navigation rule conflicts?

      I appreciate any hints for this problem!