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    .ear doesn't show up under 'Applications'?


      I have a .ear archive deployed to AS 6 Final, but it is not showing up in the list of applications when I go to the admin-console. The .ear is deployed fine, I can access it without issues, and I can see it in the jmx-console. The datasources I have deployed are showing up in the admin-console, just not my .ear.


      Has anyone seen this behavior or have any ideas of what I need to do to get my app to show up?




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          I am facing same issue as you do. Have you found some solution?


          I have several different ears and just one of them is not visible in admin console. I made some investigation and found that problematic ear contains sar module and jboss-app.xml in ear/META-INF which points to this sar. When I remove jboss-app.xml from ear, I can see ear in console, but sar is not working.


          Is here someone who has some idea what is going wrong?


          I am using JBoss 6.1.0.