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    How to configure hibernate in JBoss

    just lee Newbie

      As there is jar conflict errors between hibernate3.jar in my project ear and the hibernate jars in JBoss itself (version 6.0.0.Final), I am trying to use the hibernate jars from JBoss instead of original hibernate3.jar. Could anyone suggest how to configure and use the hibernate from JBoss itself? I heard from internet that we need to configure a hibernatexxx.har under Deploy directory?

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          jan piel Newbie

          You should use the persistence-specification from EJB3 because then you are independent from the specific persistence-framework of the J2EE-server. For example javax.persistence.Entity instead of org.hibernate.annotations.Entity. The J2EE Server has to manage this specification by a concrete framework(for example Hibernate).

          To bound the jars bind a server runtime in the properties of your ejb-project and you include all jars from the JBoss. In eclipse you bind the server runtime by going to properties-of-project -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add Library -> Server Runtime -> and the select the defined server.