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    http 400 error with ajax requests

    Lars Steinfurth Newbie



      We are developing a web application running on Jboss AS 5.1. Webapplication is based on

      JSF 1.2 with facelets 1.1.15 and richfaces 3.3.3 final, xhtml pages.


      During the usage of the webapplication the webserver returns HTTP 400 response, sometimes.


      Our analysis with tcp dumps shows that the browser is sending "malformed" ajax requests to the server. These requests have a content-length set with 243 bytes but the browser does not send any content. The message body is empty. This will (correctly) leads to the HTTP 400 response.

      The malformed requests occure randomly and the content-length is always set to the size of 243 bytes.

      All "non malformed requests" have the correct content-length set and content can be found in the message body.


      I've attached two dumps ("bad request" and a correct one)


      Does anybody has similar problems and maybe a solution?








      so now we are able to reproduce this issue with the use of  a4j:log.

      I attached the additional information (line 32654).


      Thx in advance for any help!


      Br, Lars