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    Why is AssertionConsumerServiceURL always set to issuer in SAML2AuthenticationHandler?






      I use the SAML2AuthenticationHandler in my ServiceProvider.


      I figured out that AssertionConsumerServiceURL is always set to issuer in SAML2AuthenticationHandler.

      The issuer comes from <ServiceURL> in config file picketlink-idfed.xml.


      Here the code from SAML2AuthenticationHandler.SPAuthenticationHandler.generateSAMLRequest


      AuthnRequestType authn = samlRequest.createAuthnRequestType(id,

      issuerValue, response.getDestination(), issuerValue);



      Is there a special reason why this is implemented this way? I would be very happy if there was a way to set the two paramters separately?

      Can somebody help me to accomplish this?


      Thanks and best regards,