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    jBPM 5.0 and Hibernate

    Sujeevan Nagarajah Newbie


      I'm a newbie to jBPM.

      We have a product which uses Hibernate(Not JPA) and Spring for persistent layer implementation. I'd like to re-implement existing custom BPM implementation using jBPM 5.0. According jBPM 5.0 documentation, it supports only JPA. On the other hand, It is not possible to convert product Hibernate implementation to JPA due to its size and other factors. Kindly clarify following questions.



      1) Is there a way to use Hibernate in jBPM 5.0 without using JPA?

      2) If there is a way, What about transaction? Is it possible to execute jBPM executions and application logic under same Spring transaction?

      3) If Hibernate not supported, any other alternatives/workaround?



      Thank you.