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    Task element in jBPM 4.4

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie

      Hi All,

      i am very new to jbpm.

      I am trying to model some business workflows in jbpm (using jpdl).


      I wanted to know if the element "task"


      basically mean a human task?


      I am trying to assign users to a task dynamically. I am using something like this in jpdl:



         <task name="approver1Task" g="445,123,92,52">

         <description>Shows candidate users assigment</description>

            <assignment-handler class="com.ad.assignmenthandler.FindAssignee">

              <description>Used to find the assignee at runtime</description>

              <field name="approverNumber">

                  <int value="1"/>



            <transition name="to MergePoint" to="MergePoint" g="-72,-18"/>




      the FindAssignee class implements AssignmentHandler and the assign() basically fetches users from database at runtime.

      Is this the right approach? When does the assign() called, when the process instance starts or when the workflow reaches the task "approver1Task"?


      thanks in advance guys.