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    jBPM 5 GA guvnor/designer subprocess support

    byungwoojun Newbie

      Last Friday (2/4/11), I downloaded and installed the latest jBPM 5 GA. Using the guvnor console integrated designer (I assume it is Oryx-based), I created a new BPMN 2-based process flow. In the flow, I added Expanded and Collapsed Subprocesses into my diagram. After saving and closing the diagram, I reopened it, but all the subprocesses that I just added disappeared.


      My JBoss AS log file showed an error, "No enum const class com.intalio.bpmn2.impl.Bpmn20Stencil.Subprocess." I looked at the Bpmn20Stencil.java source code and confirmed that there is no subprocess enum support in the code.


      So, here are my questions. Does the jBPM 5 GA guvnor/designer support any type of subprocesses? If not, is there any plan for adding the missing activity types? Or, did I just set up the jBPM 5 GA incorrectly?


      Any help will be appreciated.