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    need to customize rich:progressBar to show 100% width of pic

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      We have a use case which requires use to use a progressBar-like component. The difference is that we want to show the orange/yellow animated GIF/JPG at 100% the entire time of the request (i.e. no incremental widening of the animated GIF; it's set to full width from the start of the AJAX request).

      I tried setting the minValue and maxValue both to 100 and it doesn't work as expected (nothing is rendered when I click button to start the request).

      Is there an attribute/config for this and if not, is there another RF component that we can use?

      Otherwise, we can get or create an animated GIF and super-impose "Processing..." on top of it until the component's method completes and/or returns a value.