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    Milestones for Savara 2


      As mentioned in other posts, the main goals moving from Savara 1 to 2 are:


      1) Change from being Eclipse centric to be Web based with Eclipse tooling support where appropriate


      2) Integrate with a SOA Repository as the central artifact management capability on which to leverage the Testable Architecture Methodology


      3) Replace the internal 'protocol' representation, used as the future basis for behavioural type validation/conformance, to use the new www.scribble.org project


      The proposed milestones for Savara 2.0 are:


      M1 - To achieve goal (1), a lot of restructuring has been done to make the individual capabilities available as OSGi bundles, so they can be used within Eclipse, but also within other environments (not just OSGi containers). The other significant change will be to achieve goal (3). This stage will still use the same CDM based monitoring capability. Main difference from Savara 1.1.0.Final is that there will be no static validation between artifacts - so less features, but the structural changes will provide a more suitable base for the subsequent milestones.


      M2 - Switch to using the www.scribble.org based protocol monitor, and provide an initial version of the web based activity UI.


      M3 - BPMN2 support (if an appropriate editor is available). Further work on the web based user interface. Initial integration with the SOA repository (if available).


      M4 - Conformance checking and static validation.



      Any comments appreciated.