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    general n00b questions (and some dbunit stuff)

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      So, I thought I'd join this testing boom that's going on ;-)


      Do people prefer junit or testng? Is one more flexible than the other when you e.g group different test to different profiles (e.g some run Weld SE, some embedded incontainer)


      How do you keep track of dependencies? If I add a class, it has deps, the other has deps, it takes a long time to find them all. Any pointers?


      Also, I tried using a @Rule in junit that looks for an annotation like @Data(src="foo.xls", ds="java:/DefaultDS") and seeds the data using dbunit. I made  a WebArchive that included poi.jar in the WEB-INF\lib but it still complains on CNFE on run. Pointers?


      Also, what integration point could be used for automagically smuggling in foo.xls from the above annotation into the test?


      Thanks in advance,