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    Building GateIn Source

    Mahdi Rajabi Newbie

      Hi dears

      I've faced with a problem, after getting source of GateIn and attemping to build, the maven fall into the hole to download exo.portal.parent-3.1.0-GA.pom from https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/service/local/staging/deploy/maven2


      I know the mentioned URL need AUTHENTICATION, so i have a question==> How i can enrol to this URL and tell maven my authentication information to be used before getting pom file??


      So, because of my primary problem, i found the following mirror  to download the mentioned pom file, this dosn't need any authentication ==> http://maven.atlassian.com/repository/public


      but the problem didn't resolved just the error code was changed from 402 to 501


      any solution ????