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Problem using mixins to overload a superclass method

Jesper Thuun-Petersen Newbie

I have a class hierarchy like this:


A extends JComponent


B extends A


I want to introduce an overloaded version of the setVisible(..) method into class B using mixins, and do something like this:



@Mixin(target = B, interfaces = C)
public static CImpl doMixin(B b){
    return new CImpl(b);




the C interface has a setVisible(..) method, thereby overriding the original JComponent-version of the setVisible(..) method.


My problem is, that I'm unable to call the original JComponent version of setVisible, as my mixin-class CImpl does not extend B (and wouldn't be the same object at runtime anyway).


Is there a way to get hold of the original setVisible(..) method, as I cannot call super in the CImpl class?



/Jesper Thuun-Petersen