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    Intercept form validation and display using JGrowl

    Arun Datta Newbie

      I am using JSF2 Richfaces 3.3.3FInal and have half integrated growl as per this article http://jroller.com/wesleyhales/entry/growl_for_webapps

      I am not able to get any documentation that could help me intercept the form validation event to extract either the validation errors or just a flag that tells me there are validation errors on the page. I intend to use this and pass to the growl java script function.


      For validations I am using the coreJsf commonsValidator and a4j to change the form labels. I want to provide a rich user experience on my web pagesto let users clearly notice the errors on page when filling the form.


      I was hoping that something like this would be included in RF4 but went through some posts that say it is not a feature that we will soon see in RF. If anyone who has tried this approach or any similar approach for visually appealing alerts/ messages then I would like to hear about it.