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      • 30. Specific (national) characters & UTF-8 Hex
        Igor JStarter Novice

        OK. It works!


        my way wasn't ok   your way is the right way...


        So... it changed nothing when i changed the Riftsaw's database and all it's data to utf8_general_ci.

        So... looks like Riftsaw somehow creates SQL requests based on the default character set.


        It started using my character right when i added default-character-set to my.ini (on Windows) and restarted mysql:


        default-character-set = utf8



        default-character-set = utf8


        Now, I'll try it on Linux. If It works, the issue is solved and the jira can be closed ..

        • 31. Specific (national) characters & UTF-8 Hex
          Igor JStarter Novice



          So, the steps for supporting some specific language or encoding:

          1.  add default-character-set to your mysql configuration file (Windows: /xampp/mysql/bin/my.ini or Linux: /lampp/etc/my.cnf)

          under [client] add

          default-character-set = utf8


          under [mysqld] add

          default-character-set = utf8


          2.  if you have an existing db(which you have to change), you must change your database collation to your specific (utf8_general_ci works for my slovenian) through the phpMyAdmin/tools/collation and change your collation for all tables in your database. I used:

          alter table BPEL_XML_DATA convert to character set utf8    (for every table in my riftsaw database)


          If you now restart your mysql and your riftsaw, riftsaw should now support your specific characters..


          Note:  If you do just step 1 and call a Riftsaw service, you will get SQL error:1366 - incorrect string value, which is obvious, because Riftsaw is now sending your special characters to your database, but the database doesn't support the characters. So, convert tables collation to utf8...


          Thanks to Yeff, Gary and Marek!


          Regards, Igor! 

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