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    two versions of jbpm in an application

    Jacek Koziel Newbie



      Is there possibility to use two different versions of jBPM in the same application? has anybody tried this?

      I have an application using jBPM 3.2.2 (app was developed few years ago). Recently there is a need to extend it with some new business processes - i'd like to use jBPM 4.4, as it is faster, simpler and has clear db schema. Anyway there is not much time, and i would like to skip migration of old ones (plenty of processes, regression testing needed etc and jBPM4 is not fully backwards compatibile). What i would like to do, is to use the old features as they are, and to implement new processes with jBPM 4.4. I guess i could write my own classloaders to prevent version conflict or use OSGi. Did anyone have such a try? I know that it's not the best idea, but the decision is not up to  me. Greets.