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    [solved] CSS hover support

    Brendan Healey Master

      Hi, I'm porting a project from another component library, and whilst not the most serious problem

      in the world I wondered why I can't style all my a4j:commandButtons with CSS like this:



      input[type="submit"]:hover {

          background-color: #66CCFF;




      ...to avoid having to add onmouseover= to every control. What happens is that the bottom third

      of the button only changes colour on mouseover.


      I noticed that with the inclusion of the Richfaces libraries that input text controls (h:inputText) are

      restyled, can I turn this feature off? I've tried setting org.richfaces.SKIN to plain but it doesn't help.


      I'm using Richfaces 4.0.0.M5 with IE8 & Chrome.