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    JSF postback starts new seam conversation

    Bhanchand Prasad Newbie

      I have a command button and wish to submit the values on the form and access the list that is part of the conversation

      Tried the following:

      <h:commandButton value="Confirm Selected(commandbutton)"                                                                                action="#{claim.confirmSelected}">

          <s:conversationPropagation value="join"/>


      It starts a new conversation(new conversation id) and the list is empty.



      When using the button, the list is read but the form data is not available (as expected).

      <s:button value="Confirm Selected(button)"

                                                                                      action="#{claim.confirmSelected}" propagation="join"/>


      How to post the form and keep the conversation alive?

      Any help will be appreciated. Thx


      B Prasad