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    How to scale out gatein server?

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      I am looking for a way to scale out my gatein server sharing the same DBs(JCR and IDM).


      first of all, is this possible?


      This is something I want to do:

      •     Two gatein server, running on Tomcat, use the same JCR and IDM DBs on a DB server.
      •     In those gatein servers, users can see exactly the same portal. Also, any changes made

                   in the portal on one of the servers, the changes take effect on the other server.


      This is what I have tried:

      I setup two different gatein servers ( different hardware-wise), running on Tomcat and connecting to a single PostgreSQL server.

      In the DB server, I have created JCR and IDM databases to share the data for the gatein servers.

      Also, I changed the settings in gatein/conf/configuration.properties in the gatein servers so that the server can use the DB.

      ( this works fine if only one gatein server uses the DB)


      I will provide more info if you need to answer...just let me know please.

      I really need help on this...


      Thank you,