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    JSR 250 version 1.1 (Maintenance Release) Support in JBoss AS?

    Torben Knerr Newbie

      Dear Experts,


      while working a bit with JSR 250 security annotations I noticed that I couldn't apply @DenyAll on type level, only on method level. This was obviously a bug in the 1.0 version of the JSR 250 specification and has been corrected in the 1.1 Maintentance Release.


      When browsing the jboss and central Maven repositories I can only find jsr250-api:1.0 (which is conformant to the spec with the restriction mentioned above), but no 1.1 version of it.


      Is this a known issue?

      Does JBoss AS support the 1.1 version, maybe using a different artifact / implementation that is not in the Maven repos?


      Would seem odd to me that there is a 1.1 version of the spec but nobody implementing it...


      Thanks a lot and best regards,