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    <h:selectOneMenu> is not working in <rich:dataTable>

    Anand Paul Newbie



      Problem Statement:

      The values that are set using the tag <h:selectOneMenu>, which is part of <rich:dataTable> are NOT retained when we come back to the same page.



      We have the Home page, where we have many componenets like, text box, drop down, date component and buttons. The values that are selected in the drop down are set in a variable using the tag <h:selectOneMenu>. We also have a <rich:dataTable>, used for displaying some data, where in there is a link and when the user clicks on the link, it navigates to another screen. When we come back to the Home screen, the values set in the session are retained except the selected values in dropdown.



      We found out that there was some issue with Rich faces (3.1.0) - https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-1338 and it got fixed in the version 3.2.0. We are using the higher version 3.3.1, which means the fix should have been part of this release.

      FYI, this is working in IE7 and IE8 browsers, but not in IE6.


      If the request is fired from <rich:dataTable> component, this issue occurs. We have similar functionality in other screens, where the requests are fired from the screen (Form), the values are retained when we get back to the home page. This particularly happens on the DATA TABLE component.


      Library and Tool:

      Rich Faces Version - 3.3.1

      JSF - 1.2MR1

      Browser  -  IE6



      Thanks in advance.