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    rich:editor question

    Robert Morse Apprentice

      I'm using the rich:editor (3.3.1.GA) component in a Seam 2.1.2 application. I noticed that when I select the entered text, and modify things like font or size, it's not always reflected in the component. Doing things like setting it to bold always work. I wasn't sure if it was my app, so I went to the RichFaces demo site, and tried the example. Typing in a simple line, selecting it, and then changing the Styles to something like 'red-bold' doesn't appear to work. There's no font selection in the demo, but I'm wondering if this is a related issue. I'm using Firefox 3.0.11 and Safari 4.0.

      As a follow-up question, is there a convenient way to just get the text (without html or seam-text markup) from the control?

      Is there a current source version that uses the latest TinyMCE release?