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    passing a paramater to init script from jopr

    August Simonelli Newbie

      Hi all,


      I've been trying to start and stop our jboss instances with the supplied init scripts via jopr ... i put the path to the script in (in this case /etc/init.d/august-jboss) but when running it i get the following in the agent logs ...



      2011-02-17 15:26:20,834 INFO  [ResourceContainer.invoker.nonDaemon-3] (org.rhq.plugins.jbossas5.ApplicationServerOperationsDelegate)- Output from process execution:


      usage: august-jboss (start|stop|status|restart|help)


      When i make the path /etc/init.d/august-jboss stop i get


      java.lang.RuntimeException: Script (/etc/init.d/august-jboss stop) specified via 'shutdownScript' connection property does not exist.


      This is for a jboss eap install (.com) so the init script is:


      /etc/init.d/august-jboss -> /etc/init.d/jbossas


      Anyone know i way to pass the start|stop|etc argument to the script?