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    rich:fileUpload labels don't change (RF 4.0.0 M6)

    Marcos Simón Newbie



      I have got a rich:fileUpload component like this:


      <rich:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{nomenAlcantara.listenerUploadFile}"

                                                                                                          id="fileUpload" acceptedTypes="xml"













                                                                                                          sizeErrorLabel="ownSizeErrorLabel" />


      But only doneLabel works fine, others labels don't change.  That`s a bug? Or I have to do something more?


      I tested with M5 and it failed, and I waited to M6 but the problems goes on.


      I also realize that in fileUpload example (see http://richfaces-showcase.appspot.com/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=fileUpload), in FileUploadBean.java is called to UploadImage class. I don't know where can I found this class.  It doesn't appear as an import and doesn't exist into the package org.richfaces.model, like UploadFile class.


      Thanks in advance.