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    .rf-dt-c padding of column

    nimo stephan Master

      How can I set the padding of a column?


      When using firebug, I can see  rf-dt-c is the responding class for a column. I use this:


      .no_padding .rf-dt-c{

      padding:0 !important;



      and this


      <rich:column styleClass="no_padding">




      but the padding is not set!


      I searched the tag via firebug and see that no_padding is applied to the right tag:


      <td class="rf-dt-c dt-no-padding"..>


      but it does not work.


      when setting


      <td class="rf-dt-c dt-no-padding".. style="padding:0"> manually via firebug it works.


      When using global class, it also works, but I dont want to apply the padding to all columns:


      padding:0 !important



      Did I make a mistake?