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    Local TX Datasource Status Unavailable

    Andrew Glover Newbie

      This is avery interesting problem. I am running JBoss AS 5.1, with JDK 1.6.0_23, RedHatLinux 2.6.32-71.14.1.el6.x86_64 OS on a VMWare vm named serverP1. Database isOracle 9i on a dedicated DB server.



      I copied the default server to another directory and renamed it appP1, created asymbolic link in the server directory to appP1.

      Changed the IP address and hostname in the startup script. Placed EAR and app-ds.xml in the deploy directory.

      Started the server - everything is OK, ds is available and app works.


      NEXT cloned the vm and called it serverP2.

      Renamed the appP1 directory appP2 and changed the symbolic link.

      Changed the IP addr and hostname in the startup script.

      Started the server - everything is OK, ds is available and app works.


      NEXT repeat above for serverP3 / appP3.

      This time the local DS is reported as Unavailable, but the app appears to be working just fine. Multiple restarts on change.


      (oh I am running through an F5 load balancer, but can hit each server directly)


      Now this happened to me before but in a slightly different way.

      Exactly the same set up as above with serverD1 / appD1. In this instance I copied appD1 to appD2, made the require IP / sym link changes.

      appD2 ds reported as unavailable.  So I deleted appD2, copied and renamed the default server. Same problem. Did this multiple times.


      I compared the boot.log and server.log across all servers and there are no significant differances.


      Any ideas?

      Thanx, Andrew