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    configuration schemas

    Keith Babo Master

      I was just walking through the example for M1 and I think it would provide a nice usability bump if we had the configuration schemas available when the user edits the switchyard.xml.  For M1, the only bit a user is going to add is:


      <service name="OrderService" promote="OrderService">







      Or some approximation thereof.  Since the user is going to have to type this out until we get visual tooling on deck, the very least we could do is provide a sensible autocomplete.  IINM, Eclipse will help with this if we have the schemas declared in the configuration document with a pointer to their location (xsi:schemaLocation).  With the schemas available to the project, the user should be able to CTRL+Space through the various elements and select appropriate attributes from a drop-down.  At least, that's how I remember it working. :-)