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    remove double jars within ear (JBoss 4.2.2)

    Dietmar Zabel Newbie

      Hi everbody,


      I am struggling about trying to remove as much doublicated Jars as possible.

      There are doublicated JARs in the following folders:






      I try the following plan:

      I am currently trying to remove doublicate Jars within the ear (between myEar/<surface> and the  myEar/myWar/WEB-INF/lib)

      I make an directory myEar/lib and move every double Jar into it and remove it from the war lib.

      Then i adapt the myEar/META-INF/application.xml and let the application.module.ejb point to new myEar/lib folder like:


      The thing is that the doublicated jars contain EjbImples, EjbInterfaces and JPA-Classes and one jar contains additionally

      an JSF dependency! But i can live with this one not moveable dupblicate.

      If i did this the JBoss will start without an Exception, but if i log in, i get an NullPointer Exception because there is a not

      really initialized bean within a JSF-page. I think it is not so easy to copy libraries around, so all i read about visibility (and i read

      a lot) is that it is possible to access classes from within the war/lib to classes within the ear/lib. But do i have to do something

      else? E.g. Telling some Service to consider some jars for dependency injection?


      Many thanks for helping