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    jBPM or Drools Flow

    fero kocun Newbie


      should I use jBPM 5 or Drools Flow?


      I'm using jBPM 4 now, but just the PVM with my own language. We implemented such thing as multiinstance tasks or signal catch and throw events, conditional events, boundary events (actually we use of them most on the boundary).


      I also tried Drools Flow and really liked it, because of integration with the Drools. One can not just invoke rule engine from process engine but also the rules can control process, which is absolutelly cool. It also supports events which we coded in our own language.


      Why I decided in that time to use jBPM? Because it was more extendable. One can also make new flow elements such as event split, multi instance or inclusive choice. It was thanks to tokens. In Drools Flow one can create just implementation of a single task - e.g. task for sending email, task for invoking webservices.. but not new types of flow elements such as events, gateways..


      So what to use now? Is jBPM still based on tokens? Maybe if you have all the elements I need (all of them are based upon BPMN) I have no need to extend it..





        • 1. jBPM or Drools Flow
          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Fero,

          Now Drools FLow was renamed and rebranded to jBPM5, so use jBPM5 with any doubts. It contains the same functionalities and integration with Drools. Enjoy it!

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            Kris Verlaenen Master

            jBPM5 contains the best of jBPM 3/4 and Drools Flow, so definitely go for jBPM5 in this case.  Note that the concept of a PVM where you can implement your own node types still exists in jBPM5 (as that is simply how we implement each node type that are supported by default as well).  And it probably contains out-of-the-box implementations for quite a few of the nodes you mentioned as well.



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            • 3. jBPM or Drools Flow
              fero kocun Newbie

              So I will will try it out. And the PVM as well. The stopper for me year and half ago were not the features (because Drools had more useful things than jBPM) but the fear of not being able to extend it how we need. Hopefuly we won't need many extensions now Thanks