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    maven artifactIds and resulting jars

    David Ward Master

      I propose that we change our various project artifactIds to all have a "switchyard-" prefix.  Here is my reasoning:


      Right now, we have a mix of generated jars ("V" = version):












      I believe we all didn't really care about the names of the jars with regard to maven, because they are all associated with the org.switchyard groupId.  However, consider people who will one day download switchyard who don't use maven, but more importantly people who deploy switchyard in integration/qa/production environments (where maven isn't applicable).  At that point these jars become standalone jars somewhere in their CLASSPATH.  Let's say all our jars, plus some 3rd party jars, plus the user's jars - are all dumped into the same directory (which is quite possible).  By looking in that directory, the only jars that will stand out as being switchyard jars are the ones with the "switchyard-" prefix.  Things like core-api-V.jar, core-runtime-V.jar and the others? API of what? Runtime of what?


      Other projects prefix their jars with the project name, and I believe we should too.  Thoughts?