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    Svn connector does not keep node hierarchy


      While trying to use an SVN repository as an alternative solution to this issue I seem to have run into another problem. If I use an 'svn://' URL for the repository source, the files / folders I upload using WebDAV are always checked in as siblings to the root and not as it's children. For example, this is my repository configuration:


              <mode:source jcr:name="content"



                  mode:defaultWorkspaceName="trunk" mode:username="souvik"

                  mode:password="password" mode:retryLimit="3" mode:updatesAllowed="true" />



      I would expect the content to be checked in under 'trunk' in the repository. However, it seems they are checked in under '.../content/' instead. I verified this in Eclipse by adding the SVN repository in the 'SVN Repository Exploring' perspective.


      I checked and ran the unit tests on the 2.5 snapshot source which uses the 'file://' protocol for a local repository. The tests passed. I then changed the 'svn://' URL to a 'file://' URL in my configuration and this time it followed the provided hierarchy while checking in. However, I would ideally want to access the SVN repo remotely using 'http://' or 'svn://' protocols. Anyone faced a similar issue? Or is my setup wrong?