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    4.0.0 updates for CR1, Final, branches, and 4.Next

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hi All,


      I wanted to give an update on plans for CR1, Final,  branches, and 4.Next work.  The freeze for CR1 is Sunday Feb 20th  at 10:00 AM EST.  After this point I will be tagging and staging the release for QE to begin verification.


      == Branches ==


      4.0.0.CR1: Release branch for CR1 - This is for any work required for a CR1 respin only.


      4.0.0 : For any work required ( and approved ) to go into 4.0.0.Final.  Any updates to 4.0.0.CR1 MUST be merged here.


      /trunk : For any 4.Next work.  Any updates to 4.0.0.CR1, or 4.0.0 branch MUST be merged here.


      == Jiras ==


      4.0.0.Final - Contains a very limited list of jira planned for Final.  These are mostly example updates, and any jira's that we deem as blockers to final.


      4.Future - Contains all jira's not planned for 4.0.0.Final


      4.Next - Contains jiras that we want to get into the next release of 4.Next.  Currently this is empty but we'll be reviewing 4.Future, and shifting some items here.


      == Plans ==


      - 4.0.0.CR1 QE phase begins Monday Feb 21st.  It is 2 weeks long to give extra time for manual verifications, and expanded testing


      - 4.0.0.CR1 Release is planned for March 7th or 8th.  We'll need everyone possible to run this release through its paces, and make sure we did not miss something critical.


      - 4.0.0.Final Code freeze will be March 13th, but there should be VERY few changes, and issues worked on.  As mentioned above this is limited to some example, readme file updates, and any blocking jira's found, and reviewed by the team.  We'll follow this with the 4.0.0.Final Release!!!