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    overwrite the endpoint address (soap address) for the external web services.


      This requirement is from the following scenario.


      1) In the development phase, BPEL developers used the external web services that in the test Environment for their developing and testing.

      2) After BPEL developers successfully developed and tested the Bpel process, they will hand over those bpel process artifacts to those admin users for the production deployment.

      3) Because in the production environment, those external web services in production has a different  endpoint address in the wsdl. Those admin users are expecting to update those endpoint address when they got the bpel process artifacts from BPEL developers. And I believe they don't like to change those wsdl's soap address one by one, they would rather to update these information in one configuration file, for example.


      As far as I know, we don't have a mechanism to substitude the endpoint address for the external web services. (Are we able to achieve this by using UDDI, Kurt?)


      Also, if we indeed don't have this substituion, what would be the preferred way of doing so?