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    Integrating jBPM transactions with Application transactions

    Sampath Gunda Newbie

      Hi Experts,


      1. We have a web application using Hibernate and Spring.We are using plain JDBC trabsactions for transaction handling.

      2. We are using jBPM4.4 success fully for wrokflows development. jBPM is having its own  Data base and session factory.

      3. Now jBPM services are getting executed in their own transactions not as part of our application transactions. We wanted to

          integrate jBPM transactions to our application transactions. To do this, As per my knowledge we have two options:


          a)   Using Distributed Transactions Manager JTA. But, at this time,we can't go for this option due to some problems.

          b)   Merging jBPM DB tables into our application DB and using single session factory for both jBPM and our application.

                 How to implement this approcah?. How to instruct the jBPM to use this session factory instead of using its own?


      Please provide your gudence in resolving this issue.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Sampath G