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    Session relation mapping with apache mod_xx ?

    Steven Barn Newbie



      I want to build up a Load Balance with apache mod_cluster at the moment Iam using mod_jk which balances tomcat's.

      This is the situation:

      I got an user_application(build in browser) which sends an own SessionID(SessionID_A) to the "Apache Balancer".

      The mod_jk sends via roundRobin a request to a Tomcat server which also generats an ID (I think its called JSessionID - I dont want to use any cookies). At some point I lose my SessionID_A in the URL, the Apache(mod_jk) now only remembers the JSessionID and is not able to talk back to the right user_application.


      Is there a way to build up an routing inside of apache_mod_xx? may be with ProxyPass but I dont know how this would look like? some codeexample would be perfect or any links to guides.


      user_application------[SessionID_A] ---------> Apache-balancer--------[SessionID_A]-----> Tomcat1


      ?dont know this session?<--user_application<-[JSessionID]-- Apache-balancer<----[JSessionID]-----|


                                                                                                                                             ----> Tomcat2


                                                                                                                                             ----> Tomcat3



      Thanks in advance