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    Problem running jBPM 5 demo

    Adam Bach Novice



      I've downloaded the full installer of jpm5.0 and run install.demo. I finished with no problems. After that I tryed to run start.demo but It hanged bacouse of jboss. So I tryed to run jboss my sefl and I got firewall warning, I made the app my trusted on. The demo run with no problem. I played with it like 5 min and shut it all down. Since than I can't run jboss or demo, I always get the message:


      Calling C:\Download\jbpm-5.0.0-installer-full\jbpm-installer\jboss-5.1.0.GA\bin\


      W tym momencie \apache-ant\bin";;C:\Download\jbpm-5.0.0-installer-full\jbpm-inst

      aller\jboss-5.1.0.GA\bin" było nieoczekiwane.


      W tym momencie == At this moment

      było nieoczekiwane == was unexpected.


      Any one knows whats wrong???

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          Kris Verlaenen Master

          Have you manually changed any of the JBoss AS configuration files manually?


          I suggest you try recreating a clean version of the installer again, using "ant clean.demo". This will clean the installer (other than the already downloaded files) so you can run ant install.demo again to end up with a new, clean version.  If the problem persists, let me know and I'll take a look.



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            Adam Bach Novice

            Script for starting server was written in a way that it couldnt run my ant. My ant path in PATH system variable was wrapped with "". I have removed " from PATH and everything runs ok now. I couldnt see it before bacouse ant was running with no problems from my console. I use Windows 7.