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    Model simplification by removing current conformance checking implementation

    Gary Brown Master

      The current trunk has a conformance checking algorithm from the original scribble prototype, which hasn't proved to be a general enough solution. It was useful for demonstrating the potential of using conformance checking, between various different representations (e.g. CDL and BPEL), within an Eclipse environment.


      Therefore I intend to remove the current implementation, and some of its impact on the protocol model, to help simplify the model.


      For example, SinglePathBehaviour and MultiPathBehaviour were introduced when scribble was expected to be a multi-level language - and possibly extensible - to allow additional single and multi-path constructs to be added, and for the conformance checking algorithm to be able to cater for them. Now that the protocol notation is fixed, it is not necessary to represent such generic concepts. This also means that some of the properties associated with these classes can be removed from the derived types.


      Any objections, let me know.