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    jBPM basic question

    Ilja Kondrush Newbie

      Hello, everyone!

      I have a few simple questions (well..they should be simple enough for people who have some experience working with/understanding jBPM..):


      Because i'm really new to jBPM, i'll try to formulate questions correctly (btw.. excuse me for my poor english..)


      I'm planning to create some sort of web-portal, where i can create/share business processes, maybe tasks for programmers or other employees. So..


      1)Is this possible with Java/jBPM?

      2)If  it is, can i separate the "viewable" parts of this portal by giving permissions for employees? (for instance, project managaer "A" has his/her own username/password, and, according to some sort of "check" he/she should be able to see/add/update some business processes, while programmer "B" should see only tasks that are given to HIM/HER, or the tasks that currently are "free to take")

      3) Is there any way to notificate some participant (employee) on how "thing are going"? (meaning the processes)

      4)Are there any good examples on how to use jBPM "in such manner" somewhere? Where should i start learning from?


      Any good and answers and advices would be greatly appreciated..



      Ilja Kondrush

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          kiran.kumar M Newbie

          Yes it is possible to create and share workflows using JBPM. If you are looking for a full blown portal and also use JBPM you might be intrested in jbossPortal. It supports work flows using JBPM. Have a look at http://docs.jboss.org/jbportal/v2.6.4/referenceGuide/html/workflow.html.


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            helal jean-noel Newbie

            What you are asking for is exactly what BPM is supposed to do. However this question is not simple indeed and JBPM only provides you with  the technical stuff. Here is somme consideration to take into account, hope this will help you


            1/ concerning the question of editing a process,


                - there is the signavio solution allowing you to let people do it through web.

                - there is the JPDL plugin for eclipse and more recently the BPMN2 one from Koen (see the forum)


            2/ But editing a process generally also means parameters. This is basically done though forms and there is work to do there for type genericity. 


            3/ In aditions you will have to decide to maintain a business database (as a computer science folk) or use process variables extensivelly. To me a db is better and genericity is more difficult again.