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    Client Validations

    Harish Ashwathnarayan Newbie



      I'm having trouble to display the tool-tip validation message on a page, which has two sections implemented by using <rich:simpleTogglePanel>.

      These two sections internally trigger, the validation message when working on its individual sections; which is fine.


      When I click on "Search" button, the validation message should show only for the first section and not for the second section.


      The Search button code I have used is:-

      <a4j:commandLink id="saveExit" action="#{searchMBean.saveDetail}"

      immediate="true" limitToList="true" tabindex="5" value="Search" />


      The problem here is, if I remove the attributes "immediate" and "limitToList" the validations will trigger for both the sections, when "Search" button is hit.

      If I have these attributes in my "Search" button code, then it never displays the validation message on both these sections.


      My requirement is to display the validation message only for the first section when clicked on "Search" button, and to retain the validation logic on both the sections when working on them individually.  Please Help



      Thanks for your time.