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    Resource Adapter (RAR's) Load Balancing

    Giuliano De Paolis Newbie

      Hi all.


      I've a JBoss Cluster with two phisical nodes. I've developed a Radius Resource Adapter and deployed it on my cluster. I've a client to call my resource adapter. The client is configured to call a single node, but I want to balance requests on both nodes.


      The JBoss cluster uses the standard cluster configuration.


      As far as I understand, the cluster should balance requests itself, but from what I see requests are handled only by the nodes invoked by the client.


      From the JBoss Administration GUI I've the Configuration Tab Panel unavailable for my Radius Resource Adapter.


      There is some missing configuration I should make on the cluster and/or the application to balance requests without changing my client behavior neither change my architecture?


      Feel free to ask for further clarification about my issue.


      Thanks for helping.