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    memory leak issue with 4.1.0.final using treecache

    Christopher Noyes Newbie

      We recently migrated a project from jboss-cache to infinispan. We had  not seen any issues with it in our DEV or QA environments, but when we put it in production we were running out of memory (we normally have 2G) for the app and our tomcat servers would need restarting every morning. We migrated in part due to some concurrency related issues. We have rolled back temporarily.


      The problem looks like ISPN-868 in terms of what we found in the memory dumps that we pulled. Does anyone know if the problem that was fixed would have been in the 4.1.0 code or was it newly introduced?


      I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone, in DEV and QA we have a listener configured, but this would not be configured in our live systems.


      Christopher J. Noyes